Could bone broth possibly be the new coffee? Probably not.  However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.  How often do you have an afternoon cup of coffee, only to find yourself sitting in bed at 3 a.m., realizing you’re nowhere close to falling asleep…Been there, done that.

Well, if that sounds like you, bone broth just might be the perfect substitution for afternoon coffee!  Read on for all of the health benefits that will leave you asking yourself, how did I ever live without this?! 

Bone broth is so very healthy and if you haven’t tried it, don’t be startled by the name!

Now, what is it that makes bone broth SO healthy?

For starters, bone broth contains phosphorous, which we most commonly associate with bone health. Something that is often overlooked, is the connection to be made between phosphorous and B vitamins. In order for our bodies to absorb Niacin and riboflavin (important for energy, mood and neurological function), our bodies have to have phosphorous! When we think about gut health, we tend to think of digestion. Well digestion and metabolism really go hand in hand, and are directly associated with phosphorous. Phosphorous helps our bodies to metabolize proteins in order to be used for proper cell growth and repair.

Glucosamine is another important component found in bone broth. Glucosamine is a substance found in bone marrow, bones, fungus and shellfish. You will often hear about glucosamine in alternative medicine, as it has shown to improve osteoarthritis and arthritis, which pertains to stiff and painful joints.

Glycine is an important amino acid that can be found in protein dense foods. The reason we need glycine is because it is a neurotransmitter which inhibits cells in the brain that affect cognitive function, sleep, mood, and pain perception-to name a few. Glycine is actually the most abundant amino acid found in collagen!

Packed with magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and glycine, it’s a wonder that we haven’t heard more about bone broth before–or perhaps we just weren’t looking for it.

Gone are the days of running to Publix and picking up a few containers of chicken stock!  We say this all the time, but homemade is almost ALWAYS better, regardless of what we’re referring to.  Granted, we still keep store bought bone broth in our pantry, just in case, however, we really do prefer to make our own.

Much to my surprise, when researching the abundant health benefits from  bone broth, I found that many of the recipes call for apple cider vinegar.  By now, we all know that apple cider vinegar is incredible for gut health.  The role that the apple cider vinegar plays in these recipes, is that it actually aids in drawing out the nutrients from the bones! Now, I know what many of you, like myself, might be thinking when reading this next tidbit…”EW!” 

Yes, healthy bone broth should in fact gel once cooled. 

With an open mind, I continued to research, and found that this gelatin is a great sign that your broth is packed with collagen! This not only benefits your skin, but is also vital for healthy joints AND coats your digestive tract!

According to Bonafide Provisions, in the fantastic article, Everything You Need To Know About The Healing Power of Bone Broth, by Dr. Will Cole,

“Due to the long simmer time of the bones, it produces a thick nutrient-dense gelatin which differentiates bone broth from thinner broths and stocks.  Gelatin is considered a hydrophilic colloid which attracts liquids and absorbs them like how a sponge would.  When you digest the gelatin it absorbs stomach acid and helps support healthy digestion.”

If you’re new to Keto or even just new to our channel, you will hear a lot about the significant ingredient changes that we are making to our everyday diets. We have not made these changes purely for weight loss, but for the overall incredible health benefits that come along with living a healthy, whole food lifestyle. Bone broth is something we are very enthusiastic about and we have incorporated into many of our recipes.

From our favorite recipe by Platings and Pairings, this recipe is easy and conveniently made in a slow cooker!  We have tweaked this recipe to our liking as follows:

Bone Broth Recipe:

-3 celery stalks, chopped

-1 medium onion, chopped

-3 cloves garlic

-3.5 lbs beef and/or chicken bones

-1/4 c apple cider vinegar

-1 Tbsp grated ginger

-1 Tbsp Turmeric


Pink Himalayan Salt

**I also love to add fennel and lemon**


Place bones in slow cooker.  They should fill about ¾ of the pot.  Chop your vegetables and garlic.  You can add veggie scraps and crushed egg shells as well-these will be strained before eating. Fill the slow-cooker with water and season with generous amount of salt.  Add the apple cider vinegar.  Cook on low for 18-72 hours. Strain the broth through cheesecloth or a strainer and cool.  A good broth will usually have a layer of fat on the top, and will gelatinize when thoroughly cool.  Remove the fat with a spoon and discard.

**Serving size is 8 oz**

We hope we have convinced you to try bone broth, if you haven’t already. Freeze your bone broth. Drink your bone broth. Substitute bone broth whenever a recipe calls for conventional chicken stock/broth! Whatever the case, you want bone broth in your life…we promise you wont be sorry!

If you are like me and looking for substitutions for coffee, be sure to check out our Golden Milk recipe here!